Don't know which feed to buY?

Randy Wattermann is OUR resident feed expert. hE is available almost any time! Just call or email us!

Note: We sell our feed in 50 pound bags (many farm stores use either 40# or 50#), 25# bags, and in bulk containers (barrels, tote bags, trailers, pickup beds, anything). We discount bulk purchases by 2 cents a pound, which really adds up!



We are also Fertrell Dealers, and we use Fertrell Mineral Pre-mixes in our feed!

         Feed Descriptions

Layer Feed

A coarse, high calcium blend for strong eggshells and healthy chickens.

Swine Grower

A super coarse, high protein grower ration that helps your pigs pack on the pounds!

Broiler/Chick Feed

A fine, easy-to-eat high protein blend that promotes fast growth and gives a "boost" to your little fuzzie's!

Swine Maintenance

Also super coarse, this feed is for pigs that are not actively growing such as breeding stock. 

Special/Custom mix

We can make feed for practically any animal in batches of 500 pounds or more.

Cow, "Extra high-protein poult" and "Extra high-protein super-fine game bird" (yes, that is 1 feed!) are a few examples.